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The essentials list: Tennis champ Coco Gauff shares her 7 everyday essentials
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After Coco Gauff won her first U.S. Open in September, plenty of sports commentators understandably credited her smashing forehand, big serve and amazing stamina. It turns out the 19-year-old also had a secret weapon in her arsenal.

“Before I walk on court for a match, I’m always listening to music,” Gauff says. “Usually something that pumps me up!” Her favorite song? Jaden Smith’s “Icon.”

As for the headphones playing her music? Ahead of the 2023 French Open in May, Gauff announced that she had partnered with audio equipment company Bose. “It was such an easy decision for me,” she says. “I listen to music every day, but especially in competition. I always have my headphones on because it puts me in the zone and allows me to focus.”
When she’s not in must-win playing mode, Gauff chills like most other 19-year-olds. She says she spends her off days going to the movies and watching Netflix. She also likes to explore the cities she travels to for tournaments and enjoys “trying the local cuisine.” And during her time back home in Delray Beach, Florida, she plays super-fan. “I love going to my brothers’ sporting events,” she says. “My youngest brother plays football, and my middle brother plays baseball.”

But overall, Gauff adds, “I give my best every day.”
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Emily Ratajkowski’s latest flex? Divorce rings
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Diamonds are forever – especially for Emily Ratajkowski, who has chosen to turn her engagement ring into something entirely new following her split from her film producer husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

With the help of Alison Chemla, creative director of jewelry brand Alison Lou, Ratajkowski worked to remake her old engagement ring, which featured a pear-shaped and a princess-cut diamond, into two separate rings.
“The rings represent my own personal evolution,” the model told Vogue. “I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man.”

Now, the pear-shaped diamond sits on Ratajkowski’s pinkie finger, while the princess cut has been flanked by more trapezoid stones and turned into a new sparkler.

Ratajkowski went on to explain that she got the idea after reading Stephanie Danler’s story “The Unravelers” in The Paris Review.
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Former Brazilian soccer player Robinho arrested after failed appeal

Former Brazilian footballer Robson de Souza – also known as Robinho – was arrested by Federal Police on Thursday in Santos, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, his lawyer told CNN affiliate CNN Brasil, as police cars were seen leaving his residence in Santos.

The 40-year-old former AC Milan and Brazil striker faces nine years in prison after being convicted in Italy for gang raping a woman with five other men in 2013 after plying her with alcohol in a Milan nightclub.

Robinho’s arrest comes as Brazil’s Supreme Court (STF) denied his appeal on Thursday to remain out of custody while all judicial appeals against his conviction are exhausted and ordered for the “immediate” start of his prison sentence, according to a statement from the STF.
The footballer’s defense team had appealed to Brazilian authorities to allow Robinho to serve his jail time in Italy, rather than Brazil and to remain free while all appeal proceedings are ongoing, according to the STF decision.

Robinho has always denied the charges.

Following Thursday’s arrest Robinho is expected to face a custody hearing on Friday before being sent to a detention facility to being his prison sentence according to CNN Brasil.
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